How We're Different

We approach every project from a business-minded perspective.  Specialized, experienced, customer-centric and value-oriented, we lower the barriers between your company and computational engineering insights.  



We Specialize in Computational Engineering.

Computational fluid dynamics, computational solid mechanics, multiphysics simulations and optimization.  Our focus keeps us ahead of our competition. We are also the first ever STAR-CCM+ Platinum Level Certified STAR User


One team:  Client + Resolved Analytics.

Our client's know their processes and products better than we do.  We encourage a collaborative process with a focus on specific measures of success.  The result is a combined team with less wasted effort.


Fewer people.  More senior people.

Client engagements are led by partners with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of computational engineering.  Our principals have led over 300 unique commercial projects dating back to 2004.


We Sell value, not hours.

We share risk and commit to adding value.  We support proposals and grants free of charge and are willing to tie compensation to project success performance metrics.