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Comparing CFD Software - Part 4: Comprehensive CFD Software Packages

Part 4 of our series on Comparing CFD Software discusses two of the best in class “comprehensive” CFD packages out there: Siemens Simcenter STAR-CCM+ and ANSYS Fluent.

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Comparing CFD Software - Part 3: Semi-Comprehensive Software

In this section, we’re discussing software packages that strive to be comprehensive, multi-physics tools but, in our opinion, fall just a little short in some respect. There are many available CFD software packages that could be described as semi-comprehensive, and we couldn’t possible review them all and still get any real work done. So here, we are focusing on three software packages in this category based on their large user base and/or their potential to become comprehensive: COMSOL Multiphysics, CONVERGE CFD, and Numeca OMNIS.

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Comparing CFD Software - Part 2: Open Source CFD Software Packages

There are numerous advantages to using open-source software packages of all types, but along with those advantage come a few catches. Part 2 of Comparing CFD Software discusses the use of OpenFOAM for CFD applications in depth, reviewing its background, capabilities, and more.

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Comparing CFD Software Part 1: CAD Embedded CFD

CAD-Embedded CFD Software is overhyped, but it is still a good value for some users. Part 1 of Comparing CFD Software discusses in depth the 3 most popular CAD-Embedded CFD Software: SolidWorks Flow Simulation, Autodesk CFD, and Ansys Discovery Live.

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